Sokolov is situated in the mountain part of west Czech republic, by the junction of rivers Ohre, Svatava and Lobezsky brook, in the elevation 401m Town is the industry centre, located in the heart of spa triangle Karlovy Vary – Marianske Lazne – Frantiskovy Lazne.
The important centre of the culture is museum, which is situated in the castle. Museum is specialized in mining. There are also information about history, nature of region and else.
Sokolov is in the region one of the best equipped town for sports – playgrounds, covered winter stadium, public outdoor pool, indoor pool, sport halls, minigolf, gym, and else. Town has biking trails, which connect town with the surrounding, the peaks of Ore mountains and the Germany.
The surrounding as Slavkovsky Les and Ore mountains is great for active recreation

City Information Centre - tel.: 352 324 714, fax: 352 324 716 , e-mail:

Castle and museum Sokolov - Museum is specialized in the mining. Nature, history and history of mining are presented in the exposition. It is possible to see here minerals, flora, fauna and else., Web:

Sokolov - chateau Sokolov - chateau
Sokolov - town-square Sokolov - town-square
Afloat query Michal near Sokolov Afloat query Michal near Sokolov
Afloat query Michal near Sokolov
Sokolov Sokolov
Sokolov - Church st. Thomas Sokolov - Church st. Thomas
Church st. Thomas
Sokolov - Chateau Sokolov - Chateau
Sokolov - Miner's house Sokolov - Miner's house
Miner's house
Sokolov - Park Sokolov - Park
Sokolov - Memorial Sokolov - Memorial
Sokolov - Memorial
Sokolov Sokolov